Saturday, December 26, 2009

Surviving High School App for Tweens

Well my daughter has been waiting for Christmas to arrive with the hopes that Santa would bring her an itunes gift card. Well Santa delivered. She quickly entered the code and downloaded a game she had been playing, but only in the lite version which basically just gives you a taste of the game. If you want to play the full game you need to purchase it. This works really well for her because she can try out a game first before spending any money on it. Well she had been playing the lite version of Surviving High SchholSurviving High School FREE and really wanted the full version Surviving High School

She has it now and loves it. This game let's you choose who you'll be in high school. You can choose if you'll be a jock or popular or goth. You can choose who you'll hang out with and then face the results of your choice. She's been having fun with this one and I guess her friends have as well. I find that they all download similar apps and talk about them nonstop.

It does sound like fun and I may have to see if she'll let me have a try. Well that's her favorite app right now. Who knows next week she may find another one to grab her interest. They're are so many apps to explore out there and they're so addictive.


Loy Williams said...

Well that app seems like something I wish I had when I was in high school. Seems like something that could have helped me avoid all the pitfalls. Of course, cellphones weren't invented until I was in tenth grade and they certainly weren't iphones! :)

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