Thursday, December 10, 2009

No More Glee Till April

I can't believe there won't be another episode of Glee until April and neither can my daughter and her friends. They are not happy. They look forward to this show every week and so do I.

The fall finale as they called it was great. The didn't leave us hanging which I appreciated, but they did leave us wanting more. Let me give you a quick run down of what happened in the exciting fall finale.

First off Rachel tells Finn that Quinn's baby is actually Puck's baby. He was so not happy and quit the Glee club and wanted nothing to do with any of them. Also Mr. Shue is unable to go to Sectionals so he asks Emma to take over for him which causes her fiance to get angry. At sectionals the group finds out that the other two groups have stolen their numbers because Sue leaked their set list. This set things in motion for the dramatic return of Finn who comes to save the day with an awesome song choice. You Can't Always Get What You Want Glee Cast - Glee - The Music, Vol. 2 - You Can't Always Get What You Want (Glee Cast Version) It was great one of the best ones all season. Oh and by the way Rachel did an amazing solo to Don't Rain On My Parade Glee Cast - Glee - The Music, Vol. 2 - Don't Rain On My Parade (Glee Cast Version) The girl really is talented. The final song they did was My Life Would Suck Without You Glee Cast - Glee - The Music, Vol. 2 - My Life Would Suck Without You (Glee Cast Version) The kids sang this for Mr. Shue when they get back from sectionals. They won by the way.

Oh I almost forgot Sue was suspended for leaking the set list and basically recking havoc on the Glee Club. Yeah justice for a change. She vowed to return and really go after them. Should be an awesome spring. Oh and the best part is Mr. Shue running to stop Emma from leaving the school. She quit when her fiance dumped her and she decided it was just too hard to look at Mr. Shue and be heartbroken. Apparently she doesn't have to worry about that because the episode ended with a kiss. Now what will happen? I have no clue but I look forward to more. I just can't believe we have to wait till April to get new episodes. It's just not right.


Lin said...

It was a great episode that solved a lot of problems---but what is going to happen come Spring?? I can't wait.

Patricia Rockwell said...

What a fantastic finale! Like you, I don't want to wait until April!

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