Friday, December 18, 2009

Holiday Dance Show

Whenever my girls have to perform or participate in an activity where others are watching them I always worry that something will go wrong and they'll get upset. I mean what if they're doing a dance routine and everyone is going right, but they're going left. Yes, I realize it's not the end of the world, but to a child who is on stage performing it seems like it. I get this pit in my stomach and I sit on the edge of my seat until she steps off the stage. Actually, I have this feeling till I collect them from backstage. If they have a smile on their face everything is as it should be. I really just want them to have a good time. That's what dance is all about. If they run to me crying well, let's just say it's never a good thing.

Tonight my daughter had a holiday dance show. She was doing a jazz routine and would also take part in the opening number. She was so excited about the last part as she had never done that. I was thinking great one more thing for me to worry about. Honestly, though I don't know why I worry. I guess it's a crazy mom thing.

Well the music started for the opening number and the dancers came out one after another and bam she nailed it and I could see her face light up the stage. Next I was treated to a great show while I waited for her to come out for her routine. Now I actually had real concerns for this one because there was an issue with the costume the night of the dress rehearsal. Part of the costume was driving my daughter crazy and instead of concentrating on the dance she kept fiddling with it. I was hoping they had fixed it. There was nothing I could do about the item that was causing the issue because it had to be pinned on and she started the show in a different costume and moms aren't allowed back stage. When she came out on stage for her number I immeadiatly let out a sigh of relief. They deep sixed the annoying garment and what a difference it made. The girls and one very talented little boy did awesome and most importantly they all looked like they had a great time.

When I retrieved her after the show I was treated to a fabulous smile and hug and none stop talking about the show. Another great night and once again there was nothing for me to worry about. Though truth be told I don't think I'll ever stop. They'll always be my little girls.


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