Thursday, December 3, 2009

Finally on Glee

Last night on Glee we were finally treated to one of the characters getting a clue. Mr. Schuester was searching for his pocket square and stumbled upon her baby bump padding. I'm not sure if it was my daughter or me but someone in the room yelled "Yes, about time." It took all season, but finally Mr. Schuester has found out that his wife has been faking her pregnancy. How he didn't know before now I have no idea. I mean really she wouldn't let him even touch her. What husband doesn't feel the real baby bump? Now we just have to hope that he'll divorce her and get together with Emma. My guess is they'll drag that storyline out for awhile. I'm just happy he knows about the wife.

Now the Glee club kids were all worried about taking a yearbook picture because it usually gets vandalized. None of the kids wanted to take the picture except for Rachel. The fabulous overachiever that she is. In the end they took a picture and came together as a team. It was fabulous. Now onto the regionals.

Best song of the night was definitely their rendition of Jump Glee Cast - Jump (Glee Cast Version) - Single - Jump (Glee Cast Version) that they performed while making a commercial for a local mattress store. It was so much fun watching them jump around on the mattresses singing this song. It really made me want to jump around like crazy. All in all another great episode. Really looking forward to next weeks episode.


Kate Burton said...

I wasn't crazy about the episode as a whole (not enough music for me) but I was thrilled to see Shue get a clue!

Diane said...

I was also thrilled that he finally figured it out.

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