Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Last Day of School Before Christmas

Yes, finally the kids are done with school till the 4th of January. My thinking is that it's one less thing I have to deal with and they need a break from school. I need a break from all the homework. When Christmas break arrives it's at the right time for everyone. We've been rushing around doing every Christmas activity imaginable and the kids are just spend and let's be real so am I. The day after Christmas you'll find me stretched out on my couch in my pajamas for the whole day. Thank you vacation.

My girls had a Christmas nativity show that they take part in at the school yesterday. I really enjoyed it. I love Christmas music and the kids all look so cute and excited. Well except for the middle school. They look limp and uninterested. I know it's the age, but still they could give it a try. My 12 year old is in 7th grade and they had to sing We Three Kings. They were hard to hear and I know they couldn't wait to go sit back down. They survived though and my daughter appeared to do her part. She looked cute and all grown up. When I picked her up she told me her friend next to her was lip syncing. Her father knew it too. He thought it was the best lip syncing he'd ever seen. Oh well. Now my younger daughter is in third grade and they sang Do You Hear What I hear and they rocked it. They really sang their little hearts out. It's sad that the older ones just aren't as interested. It's just not a cool thing to do at their age. Personally I think they should give them livelier songs to sing. All in all I loved the show. I am thrilled that they are now done with school till the new year.


Ish said...

Dropping by to say Have a Happy Healthy Holidays to you and your family!

T.H said...

happy holiday, here now school holidays but soon children start school and need pay school fees

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