Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve the most magical night of the year is here. As I've stated I love Christmas time. I love the energy the kids have and giving presents. I love giving presents to people and seeing the look on their faces. It's the most wonderful feeling. Besides what other night could you catch a guy riding around in a flying sleigh.

Today we'll be busy cleaning up because Christmas dinner is at my house. We will also make yummy Christmas cookies for Santa. Busy day.

Tonight especially is amazing. We head off the mass around 3:30. My youngest daughter has been asked to be Mary in the Nativity they have right before mass and I am so excited. She is ecstatic. I think it will make a very special memory for her. It's an honor to play Mary. So thanks to my friend for asking. It means a lot.

After mass we will head to my mothers for a delicious fish dinner (spaghetti for my youngest). I just love Christmas eve. We will get home and usher the girls to bed as soon as possible. They never fight me on Christmas Eve because they know Santa doesn't come till they're fast asleep. Yes, then I will have 5 minutes with my husband before we collapse into bed for the early morning wake up. It really doesn't matter how old they are. They always get up early on Christmas morning. I don't mind though. I did the same thing at their age.

I wish everyone out there a safe and magical night.


Brandy said...

What a beautiful post, I wish you and yours a very magical evening as well!

Lia said...

I also had a very special Christmas Eve since this is my first Christmas Eve as a married woman. :)

I wish you all the good things this Christmas will bring to you and your family. :) Have a great one!

John@Family, Fitness and Finances said...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Grampy said...

It was nice reading about your Magical Christmas Eve. I know Christmas Day will bring a lot of Happiness to you.
Merry Christmas

StarMars said...

Have a wonderful time with your family this Christmas season. :)

alf said...

merry christmas

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