Monday, December 28, 2009

Anime and My Tween

My daughter has spent the day watching anime that she got for Christmas. I am a huge anime fan and have passed the love of it on to my tween. Of course not all anime is appropriate, but since I've seen so much of it I know what's okay.

She received Fruits Basket and His & Her Circumstances . These are both Shojo anime's meaning they were made with girls in mind. The main character of both anime's is a girl.

She simply adored Fruit Basket. This anime is about a girl who looses her mother and ends up moving in with a mysterious family that is cursed. Anytime anyone from the opposite sex hugs them they turn into an animal from the Chinese zodiac. It is very funny and touching all at the same time. My daughter basically devoured it and wanted to know if there was another season. Sadly I had to tell her no, but it's based on a manga that will tell the whole story.

Now she just started His and Her Circumstances so I'm not sure what she thinks, but so far I've heard her laugh quite a bit. This story is about a girl who goes out of her way to be perfect and pretend to be someone she isn't so people will like her. This works out fine until another student shows up at school and he is just as smart and likable. She begins to compete with him only to find out she is falling in love with him. It's a very sweet story about growing up.

I'm glad I've been able to share the love of anime with my daughter and I hope she continues to enjoy it as much as I do. You don't have to be a child to enjoy anime. I don't think I'll ever get sick of watching it.


Rachel said...

This story sort of reminds me of having a 'Ghibli' film viewing marathon w/ my 5 yr. old niece. Proof that a 20 yr. old & a 5 yr. old can like the same things. Though of course - I left out a few films; i.e - Grave of the Fireflies & Princess Mononoke.

Descartes said...

Being an old guy, my anime experiences tend to run to Speed Racer and Battle for The Planets.

I have always liked the girls with the big eyes though.

Diff.Thinkr said...

I love anime. They are simply so..... Different!

Brian D. Hill said...

I am a huge anime fan too. I am not just some random guy against the evil world order.

I am also an anime fan and have been watching tons of anime a lot.

I have watched DNAngel, gunslinger girl, pokemon, digimon, Mayazaki films, Eureka seven, last exile, When they cry, and many more.

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