Friday, April 30, 2010

Big Night Tonight

Tonight is opening night for my daughter's school play. The play is Alice in Wonderland. She is playing the Black Knight and she is very excited about it. They have had practice every day this week after school and it's been crazy.

They had up to this point only had play practice once a week and I would always bake her and her friends cookies or brownies. They loved it. It's hard to go right to work after school. They really started to look forward to it and they were so cute that I didn't mind doing it. Well this week I had to bake 4 times. It was really a little too much, but I figured I'm able to do this for my daughter so why not. The only problem was that some kids that are not her friends got a little crazy and started to grab at the food and made my daughter a little nuts. She was happy to share with anyone who asked, but I guess they got kind of rude about it and my daughter got in trouble. I felt so bad here I was trying to do something nice for her and some other kids had to go an ruin it. Well live and learn I guess. It's irritating that my daughter was the one in trouble instead of the obnoxious kids that were causing the trouble.

Anyway I hope she does a great job and has a great time doing it. I'll be going to tommorrow nights show because that's when my parents can go. There are 3 total performances. The final one will end with a party for the cast. It's going to be a very busy weekend. The poor thing has been loaded up with homework this weekend as well. So unfair, but not everyone is in the play. She's going to be tired, but I think it's such a great experience for her. I'm so proud.


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