Sunday, April 25, 2010

Our Time in Hollywood Studios

We decided to go to Hollywood Studios on Monday. Now I still call it MGM. The name change just totally confuses me. Anyway it was still a bit questionable with the rain so we packed up the ponchos and away we went. Since we were staying in the Boardwalk hotel there is only about a 15 minute walk to the park. We arrived a little after 9 and it was a mad dash to Toy Story Mania. The Disney employees actually block one of the ways to the ride because stairs are involved. It is literally a stampede to get to this ride. My husband even made cow noises. He's a very funny guy. Well we made it to the ride and it actually appeared to be shorter to wait in the line to go on the ride rather than grab a fast pass for later so that's what we did. It was awesome. We all love this ride. You basically sit in this little car and wear 3D glasses and play a sort of midway games. You aim and shoot at targets. Sooo much fun we love it. After the ride we grabbed a fast pass for later. We ended up doing the ride 3 times that day.

Next we headed under the hat to await the High School Musical show. This is always a big hit. My husband and I even sing along. They really do a great job with this. My youngest loved it and we were in the front row. After the show we headed to one of my personal favorites, Star Tours. I am a true Star Wars geek and honestly can not get enough.

Finally we headed to the American Idol Experience. This was awesome. The girls were amazed. The stage looks exactly the same as it does on TV. They really get you all excited and the host and judges are great. The girl we voted for won that round so the girls were so excited. We decided to return for the finale show at the end of the day.

We headed to The Stunt Show which is always awesome and then had dinner at the Scifi Dinner. This is one of our favorite places to eat at Hollywood Studios. If you are ever looking for a place to eat there give this a try. It's set up like a drive in. You eat in old fashioned cars and some of the waiters are on roller skates. Also the food is yummy.

Our final activity of the day was the finale show for American Idol. It was awesome there were some really amazing people. Of course only one could win the day and get the golden ticket to go to the head of the line at a real American Idol audition. There was a 14 year old boy and he was amazing. We all voted for him and he won. He sang I Can Go the Distance from Hercules. He was also adorable and my daughters were a little smitten. The sad thing is he's to young for the real American Idol, but I have a feeling Disney may snatch him up. He could be the next big tween thing.

When the show was over we headed for the door only to hear it was pouring out. Of course it was. I pulled out the ponchos and off we went back to the hotel. Luckily it wasn't that bad and seemed to lighten up as we went. It was another great day. More to come tomorrow.


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