Thursday, April 8, 2010

Ladybug Infestation

You may think the word infestation is a little much, but I tell you I have ladybugs all over my house. They have woken from their hibernation and they are everywhere. I knew there were a few here and there, but I just had no idea they would try to over take us.

I walked into my downstairs bathroom yesterday and I was dive bombed by 3. It was crazy. I would never kill a ladybug because I hear it's bad luck, but I think it may be time to round them up and get them back outside. This morning my daughter came down and said she wasn't brushing her teeth. There were 2 ladybugs hanging out on her toothbrush. She loves ladybugs, but that was going too far. They crossed a line when they threatened her oral hygiene. I promised to boil the toothbrush and get the little guys out of the bathroom. It's not like I have anything else to do today right?


Mom To The Power Of Three said...

I have seen a couple of ladybugs in our house lately too. I have also had drain gnats driving me crazy as they have infested my bathroom. They are similar to fruit flies. Hope you can get rid of them soon. Ladybugs are cute but not when they're in your house.

Karen said...

I have had so many of those bugs too. They are gross.

I am sorry to hear about your daughter's friend's mom. That has to be hard.

Ask Ms Recipe said...

I also been infested by lady bugs, but mine bite, we call them bugs from He-- but actually they are Asian beetle bugs, and hoover works well on them :)

Mom said...

Take your vacuum hose and put a pair of pantyhose down inside. Then vacuum the lady bugs up into the pantyhose. You can safely release them into the wild without hurting them.

Lucile Lynch said...

Sorry to know you had such misfortune with lady bugs. I hope you were able to drive them out of the house! We also had a bad case of moth infestation before. We thought they were harmless at first, but after a brief observation we found out that they were eating out wool and cloth! So my husband decided to call for help and rid of the pesky moths. I reckon that it took at least 1 whole day to get rid of them completely.

Lucile Lynch

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