Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Really Long Day

It has been one of those days that I'm so glad is ending. My husband had to go to work early so I took the kids to school. This in it self is no big deal. I never mind taking the girls to school. Then I attended the funeral of my daughter's friend's mom. This was extremely upsetting and sad. Most of the kids in her grade attended. My daughter was very happy to see me arrive and so were her friends. I sat with them. They all got very upset when they saw their friend so sad. My daughter's friend is Korean so the mass was said in Korean. This was a surprise for me though I should have realized. The kids were warned ahead of time and I have to say I was very impressed with this group of kids. None of them miss behaved and they all were very focused on everything even though they had no idea what was being said. I was also very impressed with the teachers. They understood how upsetting this whole experience can be and they were right on top of everything. One girl got very upset behind me and the teacher responded to comfort her very quickly. I'm glad my girls go to such a loving school.

When the mass was over I rushed home to grab some lunch and then returned to the school for art class with my younger daughter. Of course I was already emotionally drained by this point, but I kept chugging because that's what moms do. Anyway the my name was being called in all directions and I did my best to help all who asked.

When class was over I went to the bank then returned to the class to pick the girls up and take the youngest and one of her friends to dance class. It has been a very busy and emotionally draining day. I'm very glad it's over and I hope tomorrow is easier.


Brenda said...

It's nice that you were there to support your daughter and her friends. People always say kids don't want parents around, but they really do. Whenever I go to a school event, lots of my kids' friends come and talk to me. They really still do need us.

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