Monday, May 3, 2010

My Daughter is in LALA Land

Tomorrow she has her pictures for her dance class. This in itself is no big deal. I'm used to this once a year. She puts her costume on and her makeup and we go get her pictures done. It's no big deal. Well I should say it's no big deal as long as the costume is ready.

I was talking about what time we had to go tomorrow and she tells me that her costume needs to be fixed. It's too big. Now let me just state for the record I asked her last week after she had her costume day in class if everything was all set and she said it was. Now she tells me it needs to be fixed. I am not a great sewer. I can sew on buttons and simple things, but I can't handle alterations on a costume. Usually I call in my mom on this, but it's too late. She needs to wear it tomorrow. Needless to say my daughter is in LALA Land because if she was here she would have told me after her class and I would have asked my mom to fix it. So lucky me I have to spend my night doing this. I just hope I don't screw up royally. Fingers crossed people, fingers crossed.


jenn said...

Don't you just love when this happens? My oldest daughter is the same way. Hope things work out perfectly.

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