Saturday, May 15, 2010

Birthday Party at American Girl

Today my daughter's friend had her birthday party at American Girl. We were to meet at their school and be picked up by a limo. The American Girl store is about 45 minutes away so the mother thought this was the best solution. My daughter was so excited to be picked up by a limo. I was asked by the mom to ride in one of the limos as she had to get 2 to fit everyone. She wanted to just get one big one, but it is a very busy time of year for limos.

I didn't mind going because I was planning to follow the limo anyway so I could help my daughter with the shopping. The girls were so cute in the limo. Many of them had never driven in one before and they were so excited. They wanted to play with all the buttons and check everything out. They all wanted to have a drink of the water that was in the cooler. It was really fun to watch. In fact that could have been the end of the party and they would have been fine with that.

We arrived a little later than planned at American Girl place because he other limo needed to make a bathroom stop. Anyway when we arrived we went up to the Bistro and it's all just so cute. They had a table waiting for the birthday party and each girl got a special seat for the dolls to sit in. They loved it. They had a good menu and all the girls seemed to like the food. We did the cake and then it was on to the shopping. They have the cutest things. My daughter was in heaven. She had been to the store before and she had one of her dolls with her, Lani. I had a group of girls I was in charge of and I helped them find what they wanted and then I helped my daughter who had been saving her money. She kind of knew what she wanted. She wanted Lani's nightgown and one other outfit. She ended up with a really cute bathing suit. All the girls were really great with finding what they wanted and I would have to say very well behaved. The listened well which is always good when you take them to a place like that.

On the way home the girls switched around the limo they drove in so everyone could have a turn with the birthday girl. My daughter went in the other limo and got to sit next to the birthday girl who is one of her best friends. Anyway the new group in the limo was a little crazier. It was funny to see all the different personalities. Anyway, I'm home now and I'm exhausted, but my daughter couldn't stop talking about the great time she had. It really is good to be a kid.


chubskulit said...

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Traveler Club said...

yea kid make us smile

Vera said...

Sounds like a really fun party for girls!

Sofia said...

This sounds a great idea for the slightly older girl birthday party. I find toddlers and little ones easy to plan for, but for the older girls I see that American Girl Parties are getting more and more popular.

Auntie E said...

those trip are always fun for the girls. I love the American Girl Store. What a great birthday party.

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