Monday, May 17, 2010

Sinus Infection

My 13 year old has allergies and for some reason I don't know why, but it's a horrible year for anyone who suffers from allergies. I know I've had a tuff time as well, but I keep on chugging. Mom's don't get sick or rather they don't have time to be sick.

Anyway enough was enough this morning. She's been coughing and blowing her nose constantly so it was to the doctors with her this morning. Sure enough the doctor said she had a sinus infection. That means antibiotics for her and hopefully she'll be feeling better soon. Now she's not contagious so the doctor said she could go to school. She really didn't want me to take her, but not because she was sick. It was more because she didn't want to attend the Chastity class they were having in school.

She pouted the whole way to school and made me feel like a horrible mom. I might have let her stay home if she didn't have a big test this afternoon. It's such a pain for her to make them up. It's just easier for her to go in and take it. When we got to the school she got all nervous about walking into the cafeteria where all her classmates were having the chastity class. They told me I could walk her down so I did. Her homeroom teacher was in the back of the room so we went right to her. Meanwhile my daughters awesome best friend is waving at her because she saved her a seat. Her teacher told her to go sit with her buddy. She seemed to relax and I headed out after briefly telling her teacher where she was. She told me her poor daughter has a sinus infection as well only she let it go too long and she is very sick with a fever of 103. I'm glad I took mine to the doctor this morning. I only hope she's still not mad at me for making her go to school. Oh well I'm always in the dog house for something.


113Tidbits said...

Sorry to hear about the infection..Get well

winter gurl said...

May she get well soon

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