Friday, May 14, 2010

Long Week

What a long week and it's really not even over yet. My 13 year old is at her last dance of the year and I have to go pick her up at 10. I also have to hope she gets asked to dance. She said she didn't care today, but I know she has a crush on one boy and is really hoping he asks her. Fingers crossed on that one.

Anyway I have just been running around all week and all I really want is to crawl into my bed and sleep in tomorrow morning. This time of year there just seems to be so many things going on. We have a birthday party and a First Communion this weekend. My girls also have a ton of homework. Why is it teachers pile it on this time of year? The kids are so done. They don't want to be doing all this stuff. They want to be out enjoying the good weather. I know I'm sick of proof reading and double checking things. Well I guess a couple more weeks and it's over till September. Thank goodness. Okay well I'm off to get my teen. Hope she had a great time.


ZenMom said...

Hope she had a great time at the dance.

This time of year is absolutely insane, with finals, all the activities and events. And just when you think its over, summer starts and you have the kids home all day every day. Yikes.

Mom To The Power Of Three said...

I remember how exciting a school dance at that age was. Hope she had a great time.

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