Friday, May 21, 2010

Checking Out High Schools

My daughter is going to be in 8th grade next year and that means we're going to need to start looking at private high schools in the area. She currently attends a Catholic school because we live in a city that does not have a great school system. When we moved here we made the decision to send our kids to private school. Yes, it's a lot more money, but they're our kids and they're worth it.

Yesterday I drove my daughter and some of her friends to my old high school. They offered all the 7th grade girls a special shadow day to come check out the school. It felt very strange driving up to my old school with my daughter. I felt so old and not entirely sure I want her to go there. I didn't really like high school all that much. I do want her to see everything out there so she can make her best decision though and I didn't think she would like it that much. It's all an all girls school and she's told me she wanted to attend a coed high school.

What do I know though? The girls all came out so happy and excited. They loved the school. Everyone was so nice and the girls were nice. They let them do experiments in the Chem lab and they got to work on a program in the computer lab. Oh and they have a school store and every Tuesday is Dunkin Donuts day. Oh they won them all over. I was so surprised she liked it so much. Anyway it's the first of many schools she has to check out. I have a feeling she's going to feel that way about all of them. Oh I have the biggest headache just thinking about high school. Both the choice and the fact that she'll soon be going. Oh what a nightmare.


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