Monday, May 10, 2010

Iron Man 2 Worth the Trip

First off let me just say. I love comic books. I'm one of those strange girls who has actually been in a comic book shop. Heck before I had kids and had extra money I used to have them hold comic books for me. I like them. What can I say. Some of them have really great stories and the pictures are great. I had to give up that hobby though because it gets expensive. I still pick one up here and there.

Now the point of this is I knew what Iron Man was before I heard about the movie and I wasn't interested. He was not one of my favorite comic characters by any means. I was more of an X-men and Star Wars girl. My husband convinced me to see it and I agreed insistent I would not like the movie. Well I was wrong and I'm happy to admit it. Robert Downey Jr. was fabulous. I loved his portrayal of Tony Stark and I loved Gwyneth Paltrow as Pepper Potts. They had great chemistry. Iron Man remains one of my favorite movies. I never mind watching it, but would the sequel deliver.

Yes, it so delivers. All I wanted on mothers day was to see this movie and I left with a big smile on my face wanting to see it again. Both of my girls came with me and they both loved it. There was a lot going on in the movie, but it all fit together nicely. Tony was his usual self though he had an added issue to deal with that causes friction with Pepper. Pepper is fighting her feelings for Tony through the whole movie though he makes it easy for her to not like him. The villain was big and scary with electric whips. He was slicing race cars in half. It was very cool to see Warmachine introduced. Very cool character. Didn't care much for the Black Widow character. She seemed unnecessary to me. Though I guess she was there to set up for the Avengers movie. There was no chemistry between her and Tony though. My only complaint would be that I wish there was more between Tony and Pepper. My 13 year old agrees with this. My 9 year old just thinks Iron Man is cool. He flies and gets the bad guys. I thought this movie was fine for both my girls to see. There is of course violence as there is with any comic book movie so you should be aware of that.

To sum it up I found it extremely enjoyable and can't wait for Iron Man 3. I hope they get to work on it soon. I need more Robert Downey Jr.


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