Thursday, May 27, 2010

Tye-Die Day

My 9 year old will go on a really fun field trip next year to a local place that has a pool and mini-golf course. I'm one of the chaperons as I like to be there when a pool is involved. Grades 1-4 go one day and grades 5-7 go the next. I'm insane because I'm signed up to go both days. I'll be ready to be committed by the end of Wednesday.

Each grade wears a different colored shirt so it's easy to keep track of them and there are different stations that they do throughout the day so we always know where everyone should be. Since my daughter is in the third grade she gets to wear a tie-died shirt that they make. This is a tradition that really gets the kids excited about next week.

I also volunteered to help with the tie-dying. Yes, I'm crazy, but I think we already covered that. The kids were so excited and they all picked the style that they wanted and we helped them put the elastics on the shirts and then we headed outside for the messy part. There were 3 colors to use: indigo, teal and purple. These colors work great together and the kids were happy with them. They took turns and we helped them dip the t-shirts in the tubs of dye. We had gloves to keep our hands from getting stained. Of course there is a very rambunctious (that's the nicest word I can use) child in my daughters class that decided to lift his soaking wet dye-died shirt over my head. Yea, oh happy day I now had blue dye on my forehead. Lucky me. Best part he didn't even say he was sorry. Oh well at least I wore old clothes. Seriously for the rest of the afternoon everyone kept asking me how I got the dye on my forehead. I just smiled and told them. The sad thing was no one was surprised who did it.

When the shirts were done we hung them on the playground fence and the kids admired their work and the teachers took many pictures. They are so excited to wear them next week. I am too because I made one too so I could match. Oh it will be a fun time.


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