Friday, May 21, 2010

Early Signs of Bullying

I guess it doesn't matter how old your child is they're going to have to deal with bullying. My youngest is only 9 and yesterday at school I think she was bullied. She was a little upset when I came to pick her up then one of her friends came over looking for a play date. My daughter jumped at the chance so her friend came home with us. On the ride home she told me that at lunch 2 girls dared her not to talk and if she did they said they would pull her hair. I was so angry. Who do these kids think they are? I told my daughter and her friend to stay away from these girls and that was not a nice thing to do. I told them they needed to tell a teacher if something like this happens again.

I asked my daughter if she wanted me to talk to her teacher she said no. She could stick up for herself. I told her that I needed to speak to her teacher because it just wasn't right. I don't want those girls to start picking on someone else. What makes kids act this way? It makes me crazy. Luckily my daughter has many good friends who would never treat her like that.


EnAirRaH said...

To be bullied by your schoolmates or playmates is really a bad experience. I can't remember anymore how many times I cried during my grade school life, I have lost my confidence and became weak. The most unforgettable things my cousins were the first one who bullied me, its like me against the world (them). That's the reason why my mother did not allow me to play in my younger days...Hope your daughter will grow a tough but good girl...

josie said...

if you think your child is being bullied, take the first step, talk to the school admin. it should be stopped not only for your child's sake, but for other would-be victims. I have a post on this coz my child was once a victim of bullying.

Unknown said...

My 9 year old daughter has experienced bullying also. One friend getting all her other friends not to talk or play with her because she was mad at my daughter over something that wasn't her fault. I hate that kids have to be this way. I just started a new blog about my tween daughter. Check it out sometime.

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