Sunday, May 23, 2010

My 9 Year Old Loved Shrek the Final Chapter

My daughter was invited to a birthday party at the local movie theater to see Shrek. I was just as happy as she was about this because it meant that I didn't have to sit through another Shrek movie. I'll be honest, I've had enough of Shrek. The first one was great the second one okay, but really I think that was fine. Anyway, my daughter has been dying to see this so this party saved me. I would have taken her otherwise.

The party was at a place called Chunkeys that allows you to eat food at a table while you watch the movie. It's a popular place for these parties and the girl the party was for is a good friend of my daughters. She had the best time. She thought the movie was really funny. She especially loved the ending. I really think she loved being with her friends while she watched. That always makes things more fun. She gives two thumbs up to Shrek the Final Chapter.


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