Monday, January 4, 2010

Back to School After Christmas Break

I wanted to slam the alarm clock against the wall this morning. I was so used to sleeping in a little with the break. It was really great to have a break from all the running around and homework. Have I mentioned that I hate homework?

Well the break is over so its back to the routine. The girls were not happy when I went to wake them. The dog was though she wanted me to put her on the bed so she could lick them awake. I obliged as this was a much quicker way of getting them to get out of the bed.

There was grumbling like crazy especially from the 12 year old. I'm not even sure what she was saying. She just kept mumbling. Something about how school was evil. The girls also couldn't stop bickering about everything and nothing. This has been going on for the past few days as we've been stuck inside with a snowstorm that didn't want to go away. I just kept smiling. Soon my husband would come down the stairs and take them off to school. There would be peace.

They left complaining and the funny thing is they came out with smiles. I think they secretly liked going back to be with all their friends. Just don't tell them I told you that. They'll only deny it.


Jen said...

I was also upset with the alarm clock this morning until I remembered that I would get the house to myself in a couple of hours. It was blissful. It lasted until the girl got home with a ton of homework. I hate homework as much as you do.

Jen said...

I'm pretty sure that complaining about going back to school and getting up in the mornings is a kid rule. As a grownup working in the school system, it always cracks me up to see the faculty coming back in just about the same shape as the kids (bemoaning the early rising, etc.) We figured out a long time ago it was much easier just to stick fairly close to the same schedule when we're out (cuts way down on the suffering when it's time to go back to work/school :o) I'm glad the girls came home with a smile.

Relationships said... is like that. It is a true sign of maturity when our kids actually do not blame us for what life is ! This is the time of life that all parents embrace :)

Whether you are celebrating a beginning of a new year or the end of an old year..itself determines what your goals should be:)

Ginny said...

I came across your blog recently & had to subscribe. We have similar age girls, my oldest turned 12 this year & my youngest turned 8 back in the summer.

Neither one of mine wanted to go back yesterday either, but my 7th grader actually had a good day. She missed all her friends :)

I was ready for them to go back as well, being stuck inside is not fun for anyone!

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