Friday, January 22, 2010

Vampire Diaries: Bloodlines

This episode was great. My daughter loved it. She refused to let me delete it from the DVR. Apparently this episode will require further viewing. She's actually trying to rewatch it right now, but my husband is watching the news.

We learned so much. I love it when shows actually give you info instead of keeping you hanging forever. If you haven't seen this episode and don't want to be spoiled stop reading now.

Okay first off my bad in saying a stranger was coming up to Elena after she got into a car accident. Actually she hit the stranger and he got back up. He appears to be a vampire, but it was not Stefan or Damon. Damon appeared out of no where though and scarred the mysterious stranger away. He saved Elena who then passed out and he thought it would be a good idea to take her on a road trip. She wasn't really into it at first, but then she loosens up. Damon goes to visit an old friend who is also a witch.(I'm loving the witch thing.) He wants her to help get the tomb where Katherine is opened. She claims ignorance at first. The witch calls Lexi's boyfriend who wants to kill Damon basically because he killed Lexi. Elena talks him out of it. Damon was in some serious trouble before she intervened. Before they head back he goes back to his witch friend and kills her for betraying him, but before she dies she tells him a way to get the tomb open. While all this is going on Stefan is worried sick about Elena and goes to Bonnie for help. Bonnie discovers a problem with her powers and ends up getting stuck in a hole outside the old church where Katherine and the other vampires are stuck in a sort of tomb. Stefan comes and saves her and there seems to be a kind of mutual understanding between Bonnie, her grandmother and Stefan. Elena finally returns home and confronts Stefan. He tells her he was the one who saved her from the car accident that claimed her parents, but he was unable to save them. He informs her that he watched her since then because she looked like Katherine. He discovered that they were nothing alike and would have left, but had to know her. Stefan also tells Elena that she was adopted that's why she looks so much like Katherine.

This was a great episode. I really am enjoying this as much as my daughter. My daughter informed me that this show was the talk of the day and I can see why. Damon is definitely the favorite of the brothers all around. My daughter and her friends keep calling Stefan a stalker and I would tend to agree. I really can't wait for more and luckily we only have to wait a week for another episode.


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