Sunday, January 17, 2010

Virtual Families App fun for Tweens

My daughter has a new favorite App on her itouch. There always seems to be a new one that she gets totally immersed in. It's called Virtual Families Virtual Families. She tells me that it's similar to Sims 3 though she thinks Virtual Family is better on the itouch than Sims 3. She prefers to play Sims 3 on the computer. I still can't believe that they can play any of these on the little itouch. I find it truly amazing. The graphics are just amazing. I mean I can remember when pong and pacman were awesome. I'm really starting to feel old.

In Virtual Families you basically take care of this cute family. You make sure all their needs are met. They make food and eat. They go to work to make money in order to buy things for everyday life. Sometimes they get sick and they need to be taken care of. My daughter really loves playing these kind of games. She has gotten really attached to her little family. It does seem rather addicting. The graphics are really cute as well. So if you're looking for a new game give this a try. If you like the Sims I bet you'll like this.


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