Friday, January 15, 2010

Middle School Dance Craze

My 12 year old has had the worst week. She had a major project due and 3 tests. It has been an ugly week all around. However, when I picked her up today I also picked up two of her friends. Tonight is the Middle School Dance and I told her she could have a few friends over to get ready for the dance and then to stay over.

They came out of school laughing and smiling. I'll tell you it was good to see after a week of her coming out with a frown down to the ground. Anyway they had a great day and her oral presentation was done and they have almost no homework for the long weekend.

Now they are running around the house getting dressed, putting on a little make-up and a little perfume. I've done all their hair and they look adorable. They are so excited. There's nothing like going to a dance with your friends and just having a good time.

The only problem with the whole night is that someone told the boy my daughter likes that she likes him. Oh the drama. I told her not to worry about it. I'm actually pretty sure this boy likes her as well, but what do I know I'm only the mom. It's all so funny to watch because I remember these days myself. I sooo don't miss them. I hope she has a great time.


Noner said...

I hope they enjoy themselves and not too much drama happens.

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