Thursday, January 21, 2010

Vampire Diaries Returns

Tonight marks the return of Vampire Diaries after the winter hiatus. I can tell you that I have one very excited tween in the house right night. She is literally counting the minutes. Of course if I was being completely honest I would have to say that I'm looking forward to it as well.

They left us with a real cliff hanger back in November. When we last saw our heroine Elena she crashed her car and wasn't looking to good. Someone was walking toward her and we couldn't tell who it was. My money is on Damon. I think he'll have to turn her into a vampire or she'll die. I know it's going to happen eventually. I read the books after all. My daughter doesn't know, but she thinks it's Damon as well. They haven't completely followed the books so I have no clue what will happen next. That's half the excitement. All I know is this show is a guilty pleasure of mine. I have a feeling my daughter will be texting her friends through the whole show.

One of her friends just had a birthday and I found a t-shirt with Damon and Stefan on it at dELias. The girls went crazy for it. They all want one. Including my daughter and lucky for her, her birthday's next month.

Well I have to get the dishes done so I can enjoy the show. Will post how it was tomorrow.

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