Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Taylor Swift and Tweens

My girls love music. They rule the radio in the car and for the most part I love that. It's the radio station I like to listen to. However, some of the music is just not what I want them to listen to. Some of it I find myself singing and then I realize what the words are. Not that the girls have a clue what these songs mean, but that's not really the point is it?.

When Taylor Swift came alone all I could think of was wow this girl is really talented and my girls love her. She is a great role model so far. I never get too carried away because celebrities always seem to disappoint, but Taylor seems real. Her songs are sweet and really hit home with my girls. I hope she continues to put out great music.

This is one artist I never get sick of my girls listening too. As a matter of fact I enjoy her music when they're not even with me. I can't say the same about Mylie Cyrus or those other Disney Channel stars. Taylor Swift is just one of those artist for girls of all ages. I love her new song Fifteen. It reminds me of High School. Her music just makes me smile. Keep up the good work Taylor.


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