Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Human Target Super Exciting

My husband and I had been seeing the commercial for this show for weeks and have been really looking forward to it. We really love action shows. They are just so much fun. This has been passed down to our 12 year old. She was just as excited.

It was great. Definitely a show to keep tuning in for. I always worry about falling in love with shows on Fox, but they always seem to suck me in. I hope this one makes it. It really is fabulous. It has the action and humor. This show is just plain fun. Not to mention Christopher Chance the main character is just nice to look at. Now I don't like every new show that comes out. I'm actually rather picky, but this one I am looking forward to watching tonight if my poor husband could ever get off the phone.

For older tweens I would say this show is fine. It has a lot of action and there is some violence as there is bound to be with these types of shows. My advice as always is if your child is interested watch first and see if you're okay with it. I know my daughter can handle it and she also only watches with me and my husband holds the remote. We reserve the right to end the show at any moment.

Please give this show a try. I really hate getting all into a show and then having it canceled.


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