Friday, January 29, 2010

Whip It A Really Fun Movie

When Whip It was out in the movie theater I thought it looked good, but I never made it. I really like Drew Barrymore and she directed this so when it came out on DVD I quickly rented it from Netflix. My 12 year old was thrilled. She was dying to see it. It looked like a typical coming of age story so I thought. Why not? I'll watch it with you.

This was a very funny movie. It's about a girl who lives in a small town in Texas. Her mother wants her to do the beauty pageant thing and she's not into that. She stumbles upon a roller derby league and joins despite being to young. She finds something to love. She bonds with the girls on her team and really feels like she belongs and up till this point she has felt like an outsider. She also falls in love only to have her heart broken, but a good lesson learned.

I've always loved coming of age type movies and this one was entertaining and very silly at times. I remember roller derby being on TV when I was younger and yes I did watch sometimes. I loved watching these crazy people go around the track and knock each other over. I have no idea why I liked it, but I kept tuning in.

Now is this movie okay for tweens. My daughter loved it. Again the movie is rated PG-13. I think it's a good rating. There is underage drinking and some pot smoking. There is also a scene where Ellen Page is swimming in a pool in her underwear. However, it looked like a bikini so nothing major there. My daughter is just about 13 so I felt she was ready to watch this. Now my 9 year old is not quite there yet. I'd like to keep her in fairies and rainbows for a little while longer.


wngl said...

Thanks for the review. I missed this in theaters and can't wait to see it. Here in Seattle rollerderby is a huge sensation, and having that in a movie combined with Ellen Page is impossible to resist.

Jennifer Becker Landsberger said...

Thanks for the review. I'd heard a lot of bad things, but only from critics (whom I don't agree with a bunch of the time). I'll have to watch this.

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