Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Not Your Average Joe's a Hit With My Girls

Yesterday, as I've already stated was my 9 year old's birthday. I've always let the girls pick the dinner for their birthday. Originally my daughter picked pork chops, but mom goofed and didn't defrost it so I thought maybe she would like to go out. I had received a gift card for Not Your Average Joe's restaurant for Christmas from a good friend so I suggested we go there. She jumped at the chance.

If you've never been to a Joe's let me tell you it is my absolute favorite restaurant and on my birthday that's where I want to go. They greet you with the most wonderful bread that you dip in oil and parmesan cheese. I seriously could have eaten this for my meal and been happy. My daughter loved it. In fact we asked them to bring us another basket and they did.

My daughter got her typical chicken tenders which she devoured and my older daughter ordered steak tips. She orders off the regular menu now instead of the kids. She's getting to be an expensive child. I ordered the chicken oscar which was awesome. My husband got the backed haddock and loved it. Then my daughter got a molten chocolate cake which they brought with the lit candle. She was thrilled. It was a wonderful birthday dinner.

The great thing about Joe's is they go out of their way to make sure your happy. The last time we went my older daughter wanted something that was no longer on the menu. My husband asked if they could still do it and they said no problem. She was thrilled and so were we. There is nothing worse than going out for a nice dinner and having a pouting tween staring at you. I highly recommend this restaurant. I've had nothing, but wonderful experiences there.

Let me leave you with just one more fabulous thing about Joe's. If you sign up to receive their email when it's your birthday they send you a coupon for one free entree and desert. You can't beat that deal. We've all signed up for it.

Bottom line if you have a Not Your Average Joe's near you and you haven't tried it. I would totally recommend it.


jj-momscashblog said...

It sounded like a great dinner and it made me very hungry especially the molten chocolate cake really got my juices flowing. Unfortunately we don't have a Joe's around my area, but I'll be on the look out in case we ever get one. Thanks for the review....great blog you have here and love your theme,colors,graphics and the way you have it set up. Nice!!

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