Thursday, January 28, 2010

Half Days of School are Pointless

When the girls have a half day of school they're always thrilled because that means after their homework is done they'll actually have time to do what they want. That's truly a rarity with the amount of homework they get.

As a mom I find half days annoying. It takes the regular craziness to get them out in the morning and then by the time I pick up the morning mess and do a little laundry I'm heading out to get them. It all just seems so pointless and stressful. I find myself running around trying to get as much done as I get done in a full day. Man I wish I had super powers like the Flash then maybe it would happen. Oh hey maybe if I had a clone. Yes, that may work. If there were two or maybe three of me this wouldn't seem so bad. However, we live in reality world and there's just little old me running around with my head cut off. Then when I get them home they think they have all this extra time and there's no need to do the homework right away and before I know it the day is over and I'm yelling for them to do their homework. Really what is the point here except to annoy me.

Obviously there's nothing I can do about this. They'll continue to have half days so they can count it as a full day because of teacher meetings or whatever. It just feels good to get the frustration off my chest.


Ginny said...

I know, half days are the worst! Our school changed our school weeks. They have 1 hour early release on Wednesdays every week, then they added 15 minutes added to the other days. This somehow eliminated the majority of our half days, which works great for me!

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