Tuesday, January 19, 2010

iCarly Huge with Tweens.

Yesterday we were at my nieces birthday party. All the girls there were talking about the special iCarly episode that was airing last night. It was entitled iSaved Your Life iCarly - iCarly, Vol. 3 - iSaved Your Life They have been advertising this episode for what seems like forever. My nine year old daughter has been going crazy with anticipation. Now my 12 year old was interested as well though not to the same extent.

Well last night was the night. My daughter had her bath and got on her PJ's. Lucky for her the episode was on before bedtime hit. The episode was about Freddie pushing Carly out of the way of a taco truck. He ends up breaking his leg and Carly falls for her hero. They even kiss. Oh the squealing that was heard. In the end they decide to not be boyfriend and girlfriend because Freddie is afraid Carly only likes him because he saved her life. This was very disappointing to my nine year old. Oh well they have to keep those tweens interested.

I personally don't love this show. My mother can't stand this show. She thinks the character of Sam is too fresh and not a good role model for the girls. I think it's just a lot of silliness. There are worse things they could be watching. I shudder every time I see the shows that are on MTV knowing that my girls may want to watch them someday. Thank goodness for parental lock on the TV. Again I urge every parent to know what your children are watching.


Ane Fallarme said...

iCarly definitely is a hit with tween girls, my daughter watches it all the time and she loves it, she's almost 8, but I never let her watch it alone, I always tell her to be like Carly, the good girl because nobody really wants to be Sam and be the annoying trouble-maker sidekick and she agrees with me, I wonder how long that'll last, I hope forever! :D

Yeah, you're right there are worse things that they can watch but this one for me is okay... Oh and my almost 2 year old son has a crush on Miranda Cosgrove and literally runs to the tv whenever she's on... :D

Anonymous said...

Really out of everything thats out there this one is one of the better ones. Not everybody is good all the time. Sam always seems to redeem herself in some way or other. I find Wizards of Waverly Place to be far more offensive. Alex is fresh, and sneaky all the time. And Max is made out to be a bumbling fool. Justin, the smart one is always made out to be un-cool. So lets analyze that.

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